Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yeah right Newt

Newt, you say that a 30% income tax rate on the highest earning Americans would destroy jobs. I have three questions for you.
  1. We now know that Mitt paid about 14% on his 2010 income of $21.7 million. If Mitt had instead paid 30% (i.e., about $6½ million), how many jobs would would have been lost? Put differently, how many additional jobs did Mitt create because he paid about $3 million in income tax rather than $6½ million?
  2. If a 30% income tax on the rich is a job-killing figure, then how in the world did our economy grow at all from World War II through the 1970s, when tax rates on high-income Americans were much higher?
  3. Why do you and other Republicans keep repeating this same damnable lie? Do you think, "It worked for Hitler, so it'll work for us"?
You lying scoundrel! You whitewashed tomb! You reprobate! I'm embarrassed to be a Republican.

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Arjun G. Menon said...

Can you stop being republican? Is being democratic the only alternative? What other choices are there in the US?