Saturday, April 24, 2010

Proposition 16 -- ebola in sheep's clothing

This time it's PG&E, saying you should vote yes on 16. They call it the "Taxpayers Right to Vote Act" but the attorney general says "Imposes new two-thirds voter approval requirement for local public electricity providers." Why should you vote yes on this? Here are some reasons I can think of:
  • You're hate cheap public power and would rather pay more to PG&E;
  • You own bazillions of shares of PG&E;
  • You think responsible corporations like Duke Energy and environmentally sensitive PG&E, not irresponsible, polluting municipal governments, should provide utilities.
  • You hate government so much that you'd rather pay more to those corporations.
I guess it's time again to post a pointer to

What is it with these guys? Why can't they be content to make an honest buck? Why do they have to come up with these deceitful tactics? I mean really?

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John Geesman, former Calif. Energy Commissioner, 2002 - 2008 said...

You may have inadvertently left out a fifth reason to vote "yes" on Proposition 16 -- you think PG&E's CEO underpaid himself in 2009 (only 74% above the median for large utility CEOs in the Wall Street Journal's annual compensation survey, and just 8% more than Goldman Sachs paid its CEO) and you want to be absolutely certain that he's better rewarded in the future!