Monday, January 11, 2010

Finding a sermon about Job

So, the teenager was looking for a sermon preached by our church's senior pastor John Ortberg. It was a sermon on the book of Job. She looked through the sermon archives but couldn't find it. She used the search function and couldn't find it.

She emailed me and I thought I'd go ahead and search like this:, which led to the provacative title: "Faith & Doubt: Week Nine Beginning with the book by John Ortberg ..."

"Aha!" I thought. "Maybe it's part of the Faith and Doubt series" which we had at church. So I tried this: No joy there either. I remembered that John had a book with that title and we even had a copy! But not much about Job in there.

Various other searches for "Job" in the sermons produced a sermon where somebody was praying for a job and that sort of thing. I then thought of using a term like "Eliphaz" or "Elihu" -- no joy. I gave up.

Tonight she emailed me. "i found it!" she wrote. It was from November 2007, with the title "God is Big Enough to Comfort My Suffering" (h'm, shouldn't "is" be capitalized? It's a verb, isn't it?). Check out the URL: -- notice that it's not below The transcript is at and sure enough those words do appear: "Eliphaz" and "Bildad" and "Zophar" (no Elihu though).

Well. Maybe if enough of us point into the sites/default/files/transcripts hierarchy, some nice google-bot will index it for us? How about smart people part 3 which contains the string "Can Dumb People Believe in God?" H'm.

Update 2010-01-16: No, it won't index that for us

...because of, which includes this line:
Disallow: /sites/
Only nice robots obey robots.txt, which is explained here.

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