Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Worship the other day -- was "Ten minutes for a post"

Sunday, when we were staying in Kailua at a very nice "inn" -- not really a B&B -- we decided to walk to church.

There were signs posted near Wanaao and Awakea for "New Hope Kailua" iirc; we tried to follow one and it didn't work. We tried another one, and right next to it was one that said "Hope Chapel Kailua", which further explained that they met in the Kailua Rec Center. We thought "New Hope" and "Hope Chapel" were the same thing -- ha! Even "Hope Chapel Kailua" doesn't mean "Hope Chapel Kailua" -- one has a website and meets at the Windward Mall; another has no website and meets at the rec center.

It turns out that "New Hope" (at least this one) meets at the school next to the rec center -- maybe 200 yards down the street? But we went to Hope Chapel.

Since I only have a few minutes to write this (we're on vacation and the lovely Carol wants her computer back), I'll tell you about something that happened to me during worship. We sang "Beautiful One" and for some reason on this particular morning the words, which talk a lot about God's wonderful love, hit me especially strongly. That happens to me sometimes, and good thing, too.

Because I sometimes don't feel all that excited, I mean God loves me and that's great, but it doesn't really make an impact on me, you know?

I sometimes think that the Israelites were rather silly to forget God in the desert -- didn't they have the pillar of cloud and fire every single day? But I think that for them, as for me, it all became just everyday.

May the Lord deliver us from feeling that his love, which is with us every day, is just an everyday (as in "commonplace" or "ordinary") thing.

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