Saturday, February 28, 2009

Frivolous Friday dialogue

Scene I. On the train.

    C: G'morning, Jay, how are you doing?

    J: (brief pause) About like you look.

    C: ...?

Scene II. A few hours later. A meeting.

    P: (to M.): Tell Ch_____ he did a great job.

    J: Actually, he works for N_____.

    M: But I hired him!

    C: Whoa -- have I just entered a time-warp? Is it May already? (Reviews are supposed to be written in May.)

    P: Gotta go... (exits)

    M: C_____, this affinity thing you're working on -- how much is that going to reduce build-times?

    J: Was it 30% or 50% you told me?

    C: (has a laughing fit; recovers). That would be "No."

    The rest of the conversation was a lot less interesting from a "silliness" point of view. BTW, the organizational structure is like this:
    | |
    | +--M
    | | +--(engineers)
    | |
    | +--C
    | |
    | +--(other managers, engineers)
    | |
    | +--(engineers)
    +--(other managers)

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