Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Emperor's Club

This Kevin Kline movie came in the mail the other day. We are watching a few more films now, what with the girls being gone and especially with my being sick.

Something I really like about this film: there's a Big Idea -- that who you are is more important than what position you hold or how much money you make. Kline's character Hundert understands this, but Joel Gretch's character (the older Sedgwick Bell) doesn't even want to know.

Bell tearfully recounts his father's life and death, which led me (and maybe Hundert) to think that he'd changed over the years. Unfortunately, he's a cheat and a fraud, and as Hundert says at the end, "Stupid is forever." Unimpressed, Bell says nobody cares about that, and then ... well, you can read the wikipedia article.

Apparently the film lost about 9 million$, which strikes me as an appropriate commentary on the American film audience. (In contrast, the 2005 "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" made some 400 million$)

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