Monday, February 04, 2008

CIO Magazine??!?

The phone rings. I punch the button. "Collin Park."

"Hi, this is Ashley from CIO Magazine..."

I'm thinking, "CIO Magazine??!?" This reminds me of "CFO Magazine" whose "CFO of the Year" award for some years running was always in jail by the time the next award was about to be given out. I mean the Enron guy, the Tyco guy, ... They stopped giving out the award after the string got a little too long.

But Ashley was continuing. "I'm calling today to tell you about a special roundtable we're having February 13th, in San Francisco."

"Well... are *you* going to be there?" I didn't say. Though there was potential to have a little fun at her expense, I thought it would be more gracious to say, "Thanks; not interested. 'Bye."

Which is what I did.

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