Friday, August 24, 2007

What do I want from God?

We were discussing this last night in our home group, where our church is encouraging us to "take up permanent residence in a life of love" (from 1 John 4 in The Message (Peterson)). We agreed that we would like to live more of our lives more aware of God. I read something this morning along those lines and wanted to share that with you.
The Spirit may bring that jolt of Recognition to the most ordinary things: a baby's grin, snow falling on a frozen lake, a field of lavender in the morning dew, a worship ritual that unexpectedly becomes more than ritual. Suddenly we see these momentary pleasures as gifts from a God who is worthy of praise.
That word "Recognition" with a capital R is credited to Dorothy Sayers. I have also been thinking about Mailis’s study#36 in Luke and the greatness of God's love, which I wrote a little about the other day.

To take up permanent residence in a life of love. Sounds good to me, and the good news is that the Spirit of God wants to help us. How cool is that?

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