Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What College Graduates Owe America

If you're fortunate enough to subscribe to the Atlantic, you may have read, under "Politics & Presidents," a piece bearing that title, by Teddy Roosevelt. Were you to guess that he said college graduates owe America an involvement in public life, you would be right. Anyone "with a university education is in honor bound to take an active part in our political life, and to do his full duty as a citizen by helping his fellow-citizens to the extent of his power in the exercise of the rights of self-government."

He talked about the temptation to associate only with people of the same socio-economic class, the temptation to use the many advantages we have to serve ourselves and our families. And on that count I am afraid I would be found lacking.

So what does this mean to me? What should I, could I, will I do about it?

Something that has recently come to my attention is that we are developing a real shortage of math and computer science majors in this country. So the first thing that came to mind is trying to figure out a way to get my kids more interested in majoring in it.

After several seconds of deep thought, spread out over several days, I decided that was not going to work.

My next thought, inspired by hearing that the time to create interest is EARLIER than college, was... to pursue a teaching certificate and teach math. Not only do I have a degree in math, I actually love doing math! Maybe I'll ask my buddy Kim about her math teaching life.

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